Say goodbye to messy impressions with Invisalign Itero in London

Digital scanning for treatment is an important advance in teeth straightening technology. Before digital scanning, Invisalign treatment involved taking a set of gloppy, goopy impressions. Dentists would fill trays with sticky, gooey material, patients would open their mouth wide, and the dentist would stretch their mouth to fit the tray. The tray would be pressed…  Read More

Discover the benefits of Invisalign Itero in London

Until recently, achieving highly accurate impressions for optimising the benefits of Invisalign aligners has been problematic. Various impression materials have their disadvantages, and inconsistent impressions have often led to additional appointments and adjustments. Digital scanning technology now replaces conventional putty impressions in dentistry. Invisalign aligners can now be created with digital data derived from the…  Read More

How can Invisalign Itero in London change your perception of dental care?

The creation of customised Invisalign aligners requires high-quality impressions of your teeth and your bite. In the past, there were only a few ways to get that information, and the most effective was with traditional dental impressions. Dr Graham Tinkler is proud to introduce Invisalign Itero in London, an innovative, safe, effective, intraoral scanner that…  Read More

Get Invisalign with 0% finance

Many people will swear by Invisalign treatment. It’s true that Invisalign is a great tooth straightening treatment that can completely change the way we see ourselves in the mirror. Many people want to choose to have the treatment but are concerned about Invisalign cost. In London, However, Graham Tinkler can offer Invisalign treatment with 0%…  Read More