Evolving dentistry with Invisalign Itero in London

Developments in dental technology have proven beyond a doubt that the future of dentistry is digital. For instance, instead of relying on messy putty impressions, you can now have a complete and detailed model of your teeth created with Invisalign Itero in London. This innovative technology allows Invisalign patients to have accurate teeth impressions made…  Read More

The tedious nature of teeth

The stages of must-do errands in life can be both exciting and tiresome. Take house-hunting. It comes with countless treks all over the place, and finding the right one isn’t even the hard part. As with most appealing and attractive things, finding the cost that is right for you can be difficult. Without going too…  Read More

Realignment in comfort

Available now in London, Invisalign iTero is a convenient technology that makes your experience of tooth realignment more efficient and more comfortable. Say goodbye to the inconvenient and time-consuming old method of taking dental impressions. With dentist Dr Graham Tinkler, you’ll enjoy the process as a digital scanning device takes impressions of your teeth without…  Read More

Braces to change your life

Invisalign is a revolutionary treatment which can transform someone’s life. If you find you are hiding behind your hand when a camera points your way, or if you are missing life-changing opportunities because you are too embarrassed to talk to someone due to your crooked teeth, this can all change when you come in and…  Read More