Embrace your smile with Invisalign Itero in London

For many patients who have crooked, crowded or gapped teeth, Invisalign offers a discreet and comfortable alternative to traditional braces. However, besides the aesthetics of your smile, misaligned teeth can also create other dental problems, including decay and excessive tooth wear. For this reason, correcting your bite may require more than just straightening crooked teeth,…  Read More

Invisalign Itero in London: a revolution in 3D digital dentistry

Until recently, creating customised Invisalign aligners required that patients sit through the long process of making teeth impressions. Luckily, dental technology has considerably evolved, embracing new innovations like the Itero scanner. Dr Graham Tinkler, an experienced and successful Invisalign dentist, uses Invisalign Itero in London to add comfort and convenience to the overall treatment. The…  Read More

What is the cost of Invisalign in London?

Are you considering Invisalign in London? Dr Graham Tinkler may be the person to visit. A highly-skilled dentist, Graham Tinkler has been using Invisalign for many years to help patients straighten their teeth and regain confidence in their smile. Invisalign is an innovative treatment that is ideal for adults who wish to straighten their teeth…  Read More

21st century teeth straightening

When it comes to aligning teeth in the 21st century, you can expect digital technology to be playing a part. Yes there are digital x-rays, but more interesting is Invisalign Itero in London. In London, Invisalign Itero digital scanning is used to take pin-point accurate and detailed measurements to create Invisalign clear aligners, instead of…  Read More

The trouble with tradition

If you feel like constantly holding back your smile because you’re embarrassed of crooked or crowded teeth, have you considered teeth straightening treatment? It might be that you’ve thought about it a lot, but you’d rather carry on ignoring the problem than to make a fuss. It isn’t just the thought of wearing unsightly metal…  Read More

What is the iTero scanner?

The iTero scanner is used at the start of your Invisalign in London treatment to capture images of your teeth. Here at Graham Tinkler, using a small wand, we’ll carefully scan your teeth and your bite to create an accurate 3D digital model of your teeth. This model is then used to meticulously plan your…  Read More