Supporting nervous patients during teeth straightening

At Graham Tinkler, we welcome all kinds of patients who want to realign their smile and feel better about their teeth. We pride ourselves on being able to tailor our treatment framework to suit the needs of our patients. We see each person as an individual and apply the right support accordingly.

Invisalign Itero in LondonWhen we work with Invisalign, iTero in London is one of the tools we use to make the whole treatment process easier for everyone. Here we will look at how this innovative tooth straightening method and associated equipment can support someone who is nervous or uncertain about how they will feel during their work.

What benefits does Invisalign/ iTero in London offer?

When we work with Invisalign, iTero in London is a scanner that we use when starting treatment. Some people are concerned about the sensations they will feel during the process of being fitted for and wearing their aligners.

If you have a strong gag reflex or you are concerned about the sensation of impression clay in your mouth, you will be pleased to hear these need not concern you when working with iTero. This digital scanning method means that we no longer need to employ the traditional methods of data gathering that bother some patients.

As digital scanning is much more accurate, using iTero also means that your Invisalign aligners will fit better. They should feel comfortable in your mouth and lead to a better overall treatment process.

Once you know what you are aiming for, you are more likely to have a determined and positive outlook on your treatment. iTero allows us to show you the course of your treatment. Not only does this mean that you can track your progress and see how long everything is likely to take, it also means you know what to look forward to. It’s no longer a case of having to rely on an abstract idea of how your smile will ‘look better’, now you can see what the results will be before you even start.

Combing technology with our strong communication and support means we are confident we can work with you at Graham Tinkler if you are a nervous patient.