The cost of Invisalign in London and expectations

Invisalign has been around for quite a few years now and is more popular than ever. This innovative treatment, which does not employ metal brackets and wires, has won the hearts of many patients around the world because it’s so discreet and convenient.

Invisalign Cost in London

However, the cost of Invisalign in London can be a dissuasive factor for many people. According to Dr Graham Tinkler, a major provider of Invisalign, the cost of Invisalign in London is not much different to that of braces and at the end of the day, price should not be the only factor when choosing a tooth straightening treatment.

What is the cost of Invisalign in London?

In general, Invisalign packages offered by Dr Graham Tinkler range from £1,995-£3,500, depending on the type of Invisalign used and the severity of the alignment problems of each individual. For simple cases that require minimal movement of the front teeth, Invisalign i7 is a good option and it is the cheapest of the lot. However, if you experience more complicated alignment problems, the price can begin from £3,500 for regular Invisalign and Invisalign Teen for a treatment lasting an average length of 12-18 months.

What are the factors affecting the cost of Invisalign in London?

If you want to plan your treatment in advance, it is always best to contact Dr Graham Tinkler for a complimentary consultation. Alternatively, you can get an estimate of the overall cost by using the cost calculator on the official Invisalign site (however be aware that prices differ from country to country and provider to provider). As with any dental treatment, factors that will affect the cost of Invisalign in London include:

  • your provider
  • the complexity of your case
  • and your dental insurance.

Nowadays, most dental insurance plans cover Invisalign but the turnout can differ. Once you choose Dr Graham Tinkler for your Invisalign treatment you will receive a detailed quote with no hidden costs. This price will include any x-rays, photos and head scans, the Invisalign aligners and your visits to the dentist. Moreover, all our patients will receive a free package of whitening gel.