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All our dentists adhere to the strict guidelines governing the profession under strict guidance from the General Dental Council (GDC) “Standards for Dental Professionals”.

Dr Graham Tinkler
Find me at the following practices:
Bupa Dental Centre Holborn
Bupa Dental Centre Bank
90 Harley Street

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GDC No. 78785

BDS Ncle 2000

As well as being one of the UK’s leading and most experienced Invisalign dentists, Dr Graham Tinkleris also one of Bupa’s leading Invisalign dentists.

Dr Tinkler splits his time between various Bupa clinics in and out of London. Dr Tinkler’s association with Bupa has come about because of his reliability, skill and dedication to Invisalign and because of his consistency in achieving excellent results.

In the wake of various scandals involving cosmetic practices, Bupa is currently seen as a safe option for cosmetic treatments both medical and dental. This is largely due to Bupa’s strong belief in patient well-being over profits.

Dr Tinkler was one of the first dentists to receive his unique Platinum Elite status for Invisalign treatment in 2006. To date, no other dentist has pushed the boundaries of Invisalign in quite the same way. He has successfully treated numerous cases that were previously refused treatment by other clinics.

His ability to see complicated cases through from start to finish with passion and precision sets him apart from other Invisalign providers.

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Prior to seeing Dr. Graham, I had consultations with two other dentists. My lower front teeth were literally in three rows. Both dentists wanted to pull a tooth, and tighten up my tooth line. Dr. Graham immediately said that extraction was not necessary. 18 months later, I have a perfect set of teeth without any extraction!
- Lehel Gyeresi
I’d put off getting Invisalign for a number of years, but then finally decided to take the plunge. Graham was excellent at explaining all steps of the process and his attention to detail was amazing.
My only regret was not taking him up on getting them fitted earlier!
If you are on the fence about getting Invisalign, I’d say; go for it. You will not regret it.
- Richard Saini
Graham has been fantastic from start to finish with my Invisalign. He is always friendly and informative and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone looking for straight teeth and a great smile.
- Stefan Dodds

Dr Richard Lee
Find me at the following practice:
Devonshire Square Dental Studio

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GDC No. 76100

BDS Birm 1999

Dr. Richard Lee has spent many years in private practice in London’s West End and on Harley Street, focusing primarily on cosmetic and aesthetic restorative dentistry.

He has been successfully providing Invisalign treatment to his patients for 10 years, as a graduate of the University of Birmingham and alumnus of the Dawson Centre for Advanced Dental Study Florida, he lectures internationally, training dentists in the latest minimally invasive aesthetic techniques. Dr. Richard Lee is one of only 5 dentists in London and thirteen dentists nationally to have achieved accreditation status with the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. BACD accreditation allows dentists to demonstrate their ability to diagnose, plan and execute treatment to a standard of excellence, as judged by their peers. Dr Lee is the Dentist on TV’s Extreme Beauty Disasters, currently airing on the Discovery Network globally.

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Thank you so much, best decision I ever made was to get Invisalign! I love my new smile!
- Sonia
Richard is a magician!! Didn’t think my teeth would be so straight!! Thank you. Lovely surgery and lovely staff, have already recommended. Thank you all so very much.
- Lynsey
Thank you all so much! I can now smile in my wedding photos later this year, and at Eurovision of course…life changing. See you all soon.
- Amy
Just wanted to say how super excited I am to write about how good Richard and the whole team are. Never before have I been treated so well. I have felt comfortable at every stage - almost to the point where I was excited to be coming to the dentist - who says that?! Great job. Thanks so much I will feel great on my wedding day.
- George

Dr Ilias Marinopoulos
Find me at the following practice:
Devonshire Square Dental Studio

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GDC No. 101601

DipDS Athens 2003

Specialist Orthodontist


Ilias finished his dental studies in the Capodestrean school of Athens, Greece in 2002. He continued his orthodontic studies in the Royal university of Aarhus, Denmark and then in the Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg, Sweden, where he received his specialty and his Masters with distinction. Ilias has worked in the public sector and privately in Sweden, before he came to UK in 2010. He is currently represented by 8 private dental clinics as a specialist orthodontist, treating mainly complex adult cases with various aesthetic systems. Ilias has been no1 provider (based on individual arch ordering) of the incognito system 3M in UK for 2014-15.

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Dr Myrum Meltzer
Find me at the following practices:
Bupa Canary Wharf
Bupa Medical & Dental Suite

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GDC No. 54426

BChD Stell 1980


I was born and educated in Cape Town , South Africa where I obtained my dental degree in South African from the University of Stellenbosch and emigrated to the UK in 1980.

I have worked as a general practitioner in various types of dental practices both under the NHS and private practice. Having always had a keen interest in aesthetic dentistry and incoperated orthodontics into my practice, I have learnt through post graduate courses to carry out fixed as well as removable appliance orthodontics for children (fixed braces).

New technologies led me to Invisalign which I’ve been doing for 3 years. I’ve successfully tackled complex malocclusion’s as well as simple tooth movements. I’ve used removable appliances to move teeth to make sufficient space for the right size implants. As a general practitioner, Invisalign allows me to provide patients with a “perfect smile” incorporating veneers, replacement teeth on implants, tooth whitening as well as building up fractured or broken teeth.

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I had always been exceptionally self-conscious about my smile, my wife and many others pointed out that I smile with my mouth closed and always tried to get me to smile but I never wanted to do so.
When I was young I had some quite invasive realignment procedures but in the end, this didn’t help so I had always been very cautious trying another method and very aware that I did not want to make it known to people that I was wearing braces or such like.
Invisalign met both of those needs perfectly, it was noninvasive and was invisible. Many of my work colleagues were unaware I was wearing Invisalign.
From the beginning the service and product were incredible, being able to visualize what my smile could be gave me a huge amount of confidence in the product and gave me a strong incentive to wear the Invisalign, I also very much like the fact that you can track your improvement step by step.
With my wedding coming up I really wanted to be able to smile fully so it was great incentive to be able to do so. The team worked closely with me to make sure this happened and I am very proud of my wedding Photos. Since then I have continued the treatment to add the finishing touches to smile that I had always wanted. I am much more confident being able to smile and not worrying about opening my mouth, now some of my favourite pictures are of me smiling with my teeth showing and others have complimented me on how good my smile is.
It was worth all of the time, effort and money and a massive thanks to the team for their specialist support and attention really listening to what I wanted and delivering that.

Harriet Morse
Find me at the following practice:
Devonshire Square Dental Studio

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GDC No. 229299

BDS – Bachelor of Dental Surgery, University of Sheffield

Harriet was brought up in South East London but began her career as a dentist at the University of Sheffield’s School of Clinical Dentistry.

Harriet has an infectious passion for dentistry. She regularly writes articles and online Blog posts for fellow clinicians and dental students. She believes that through sharing knowledge and experience, dentists can continually improve their skills and provide the best patient care.

She has a gentle and caring manner, putting even the most anxious patients at ease. She is dedicated to providing an open and honest approach, ensuring her patients fully understand their oral health and treatment requirements.

Harriet has a special interest in Cosmetic Dentistry and Facial Aesthetics, including adult braces, veneers, whitening, white fillings and Botox.

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Fani Gousopoulou
Find me at the following practices:
Bupa Wallington
Bupa Epsom
Bupa Penge

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GDC No. 84010

DDS (Thessaloniki) 2002

Fani (Faye) Gousopoulou is a highly trained general dentist practitioner with a special interest and expertise in aesthetic dentistry and the latest orthodontic treatments such as Invisalign and C Fast.

Fani graduated from the dental school of Aristotle university in Thessaloniki Greece in 2002 and immediately started gaining clinical experience as an associate in general practice. In 2004 Fani came to the UK and embarked on a career pathway with NHS and private dentistry.

Fani has been working at Wallington and Penge ever since coming to the UK and since last year at Epsom where she has successfully treated many patients. Fani has built a strong trusting and long standing relationships with her patients as a result of her clinical skills and personable values.

Fani has also completed a 1 year course on Implants at Cambridge Academy (one year course) facility.

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