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Most people, before they start using Invisalign want to know more about the cost of Invisalign in London, they will look for reviews and find the best deals. Invisalign Doctor offers competitive prices and also has offers that customers can take full advantage of.

How much does Invisalign cost in London?

The typical cost of Invisalign Treatment starts from £1995, with the end price depending on the severity and the length of treatment. You will notice that the advertised Invisalign cost varies between different practices. This is largely due to the level of experience of the dentist, but it is also important to check what is included in the treatment.

Graham Tinkler prefers to give his patients a fixed all-inclusive cost. Some dentists will not include things such as refinement/whitening gel/Vivera retainers. As an addition, another important item Graham likes to include in his Invisalign package is any ‘recontouring’ of the edges of the teeth, which really helps with proportion and symmetry.

What The Invisalign Doctor Offers

  • The main areas dentists try to cut costs are on the quality of the final retainer. Always ask for Invisalign’s own brand of retainer ‘Vivera Retainers’. You should be provided with 3 sets as standard. If you are not given 3 sets with the Invisalign logo on you are not being given the correct retainers.
  • If you are unsure as to whether you are suitable for Invisalign we offer COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATIONS to give you an opportunity to discuss your case with Dr Tinkler.
  • We offer a bespoke service to all our clients. At the consultation stage Dr Tinkler will be able to give you an accurate, fixed written cost for your Invisalign treatment. This cost includes:
    • the initial assessment
    • impressions
    • x-rays and photos
    • Invisalign aligners
    • refinement,
    • recontouring
    • Vivera retainers.

There are no hidden costs. The treatment also includes 6 month and 1 year follow up appointments.

  • When you are ready to go ahead, we take impressions and photographs of your teeth. This is called the INVISALIGN ASSESSMENT.
  • All our patients receive a FREE PACK OF WHITENING GEL with every treatment!



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