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(up to 14 aligners)


The versatility you need to treat mild to moderate cases. Invisalign Lite features the same technological innovations that have made Invisalign clear aligners the trusted choice for orthodontic treatment.

(15-20 aligners)


Delivers clear aligner treatment to correct mild to moderate malocclusion without compromising on the superior features and functionality of Invisalign clear aligner therapy.

(21+ aligners)


When ultimate flexibility is your top priority, Invisalign Comprehensive Package allows for maximum treatment planning across a wide range of malocclusions.

Adult Braces in Beaconsfield

One of the UK's leading Invisalign Dentists, based in Beaconsfield.

Invisalign Dentist near Beaconsfield

Dr Graham Tinkler is on hand to treat patients in and around Beaconsfield who seek even and aligned teeth and a great smile through adult braces.

Mouth braces are usually associated with orthodontic procedures relating to the teething problems of growing teenagers. However, the past few years has seen a boom in interest for adult braces from adults who wish to correct a range of long-standing teeth problems.

Adult braces successfully correct a range of teeth issues from crooked, overcrowding, protruding teeth, to overbite. To date nearly 1 million people have achieved great results from adult braces treatments. For those who are in their 20s and older adult braces cover a range of options, such as metal braces and veneers. Whichever chosen provides a convenient way to achieve great teeth, remove any feelings of self-consciousness, and improve confidence in personal appearance.

The boom in adult braces has been further fuelled by the interest and choices made by TV and Hollywood celebrities. The Invisalign clear braces treatment is proving the popular choice with celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Tom Cruise, Katherine Heigl, Ophrah Winfrey, Drew Barrymore, Chris Evans and Cheryl Cole.

Invisalign clear braces means bespoke adult braces are created using 3D technology moulds of a patient’s teeth. The Invisalign braces move teeth into place gradually, though no one can tell that you are wearing them as the aligners are virtually invisible. The aligners are replaced every few weeks to ensure the teeth move into the correct position, and the braces can be removed for cleaning meaning they are hygienic. Patients in Beaconsfield choosing adult braces like Invisalign can also eat whatever they want while they are undergoing treatment.

Dr Tinkler has plenty of experience advising on adult braces and treating residents from in and around Buckinghamshire, within which the market town of Beaconsfield is found. Beaconsfield is well served by road and rail for residents who seek a consultation with Dr Tinkler at his Middlesex and central London practices.

Dr Tinkler is happy to offer patients from Beaconsfield an outline the differences between traditional metal braces, lingual braces, adult braces which are porcelain, and the Invisalign treatment.

A free consultation with him will include a complete investigation of the range of adult braces and the costs and processes relating to Invisalign.

Appointments with Dr Tinkler for patients from Beaconsfield can be made at the following centres:

Wendover House, 24 London End
Beaconsfield HP9 2JH, United Kingdom

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Lower Ground, 6 Dowgate Hill
London EC4R 2SU

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