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How to look after your braces

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Caring for your Invisalign invisible Braces

You decided to get braces fitted because you wanted to look after your teeth and develop the perfect smile. But how do you look after the braces to ensure the best result?

Let’s take a look at brace care….

Braces have come a long way since the traditional metal ones you dreaded your dentist would suggest back in the day. Thanks to the contemporary design of Invisalign invisible braces, you won’t ever feel awkward or inconvenienced keeping them in tip-top condition.

Thanks to the near invisibility of Invisalign invisible braces and the fact that they can be easily removed while eating and drinking, you needn’t miss out on your favourite meals or feel awkward at restaurants or dinner parties when you’re developing the perfect smile.

This means you can eat and drink whatever you like throughout your treatment, without any restrictions or discomfort. To maintain healthy teeth and gums try and cut down on the amount of sugary drinks you consume, however water; tea, coffee and even the occasional red wine can all be enjoyed as you wear your Invisalign invisible braces.

Our advice for cleaning your Invisalign invisible braces is clear as the braces themselves. Simply follow this easy to master routine:

  1. Take our your Invisalign invisible brace from your mouth and rinse it under a tap with tepid water. If you’re unsure what tepid water is, it’s best to consider the water temperature of a bath – something you’re comfortable with that’s neither too hot, nor too cold.
  2. Grab a soft-bristled toothbrush or retainer brush and apply a generous amount of toothpaste. Using small circular motions, gently brush the entire Invisalign invisible brace, both inside and out. Once you have completely brushed the Invisalign brace, rinse it once more under tepid water.
  3. Check that your Invisalign brace doesn’t have any calcium build-up. Like your teeth, invisible retainers are susceptible to tartar (calculus) build-up. Calcium build-up appears as a cloudy white film on the brace that is hard to remove with a toothbrush.

If there is any calcium build-up present, simply soak the brace in a specific brace cleaning solution.

  1. Cleaning your Invisalign invisible brace shouldn’t take too much of your time yet it’s important to be thorough. Once you have finished cleaning your Invisalign brace, simply pop it back into your mouth and get on with your day!

When should I clean my Invisalign retainer?

Ideally, you should be cleaning your invisible braces each time you brush your teeth. Remember, that any plaque or food particles will also sit on your teeth if you don’t practice good dental hygiene, regardless of whether you’re wearing a brace or not. So don’t fall into the trap of thinking your teeth are protected from tooth decay when wearing invisible braces.

Can I use mouthwash to clean my Invisalign retainer?

Under no circumstances should you soak your invisible brace in mouthwash. With so many mouthwashes on the market each containing different chemicals, it would be impossible to advise on what is safe and what isn’t. So as a general rule, we say no to cleaning Invisalign with mouthwash. Most mouthwashes also contain a coloured pigment, which may transfer onto the invisible brace leaving you with a strange tinted brace.

What about when I get a new retainer?

If you’re moving onto a new set of Invisalign invisible braces, it’s important to thoroughly clean your original brace and store it safely in its case. There are times when people have to wear their original invisible brace for a while. Making sure it’s clean and bacteria-free will mean you don’t run into any problems if you have to switch over.

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