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Take a look at our FAQs to help answer any questions you may have about treatments.

Dr Tinkler likes to provide you with all the facts. He offers a full examination and intra oral photo assessment. He will discuss your individual case so that you:

  • Can make an informed decision
  • Completely understand Invisalign
  • Consider the benefits of Invisalign
  • Are confident and comfortable with Invisalign

Dr Tinkler believes in a thorough and full treatment, so using Invisalign we straighten the whole dental arch and not just the front teeth.

Nine out of ten patients are suitable for Invisalign. A complimentary consultation with Platinum Elite dentist Dr Tinkler, will confirm your suitability.

Invisalign is the most technically advanced orthodontic system around. Through a series of aligners, it creates small forces that can push, move and rotate teeth to the desired position.

Most people have crowding that extends to the back of the dental arch, so using Invisalign we still carry out full arch orthodontics but with a more convenient method than metal braces.

Computer scanning technology maps a 3D image of your teeth from which the Invisalign aligners are made. These custom fit aligners progressively straighten your teeth, ready for the next aligner in the sequence, and are changed every two weeks. As treatment progresses the teeth move into the desired position.

Treatment length will vary depending on your individual case but the average Invisalign treatment takes between 6 to 9 months.

Although treatment length will vary depending on the severity of the case, Invisalign usually takes less time to straighten teeth than conventional metal braces. This is because, in most cases, metal braces require tooth extractions, which prolongs the treatment as braces cannot be fitted until the gum have healed. With Invisalign there are no tooth extractions required and therefore treatment can commence immediately.

Yes all consultations with Dr Tinkler are free, please email or ring to book a personal consultation.

There is no severe pain with Invisalign as aligners are smooth and have no sharp or metal edges that can cause pain. Some patients experience a temporary discomfort or tightness for a few days at the beginning of each stage of treatment i.e. when a new aligner is worn. This is completely normal and lasts no longer than 48 hours. It’s also a sign that your aligners are working in repositioning your teeth to the desired position.

Much in the same way as any other orthodontic treatment, aligners may affect the speech and may cause a slight lisp in some people. These affects are very temporary and after one or two days your mouth and tongue will become accustomed to the aligners and therefore all affects will disappear.

Aligners are removable, so you can eat whatever you want throughout your treatment, without any restrictions or discomfort. For drinking you can leave aligners in, providing you drink clear liquids or drink through a straw; but to maintain healthy teeth and gums you should avoid too many sugary drinks.

Treatment length will vary depending on your individual case but the average Invisalign treatment is between 6– 9 months.

Depending on the type of movement required within your treatment, it may be necessary for attachments (buttons) to be placed on the teeth, especially for rotation purposes.

These buttons are temporary tooth coloured composites, which are fixed to your teeth to create a small hook. These provide a surface on which aligners can grip onto thereby moving the teeth into the required position. Buttons are smooth; tooth coloured and unnoticeable and when your treatment is finished are easily removed without any damage to your teeth.

Yes; Invisalign can expand the dental arches at the sides of the mouth so that you show more teeth when you smile.

Yes, Invisalign is a much healthier way to straighten teeth as your own teeth are moved into the desired position without damaging them. Whereas with veneers, your natural, healthy teeth are cut down by up to 30% stripping away the enamel in order to allow a porcelain veneer to be fitted over the remaining tooth.

Dr Tinkler does not believe in destroying healthy teeth to achieve a “quick-fix” smile. Instead, we take the time to give you the smile you have always wanted in a natural and healthy way.

Invisalign Clear Braces allow you to get a confident and beautiful smile. It is a smooth, comfortable plastic mouth treatment which means it is less likely to hurt cheeks and gums unlike traditional metal braces. It effectively helps to treat a wide variety of cases including crowding, overbite, crossbite, spacing and underbite. It promote teeth straightening. Wearers can eat whatever they like during the period of treatments. Given it’s nearly invisible no one else needs to know that you are going through the treatment meaning their is less attention from other people. Invisalign Clear Braces also means you can floss and brush teeth normally. Treatment visits can also be spaced out meaning that there is less interruption to busy schedules.

No; Invisalign only moves teeth, so they show more when you smile. It makes no difference to your facial proportions except that the smile looks wider.

Remove the aligners and then brush once or twice a day.

The Invisalign aligners are:

  • Invisible – the aligners are clear which makes them hardly noticeable, therefore throughout your treatment you will have no reason to feel self-conscious. Smile, laugh and talk as usual…. people will be surprised to hear that you’re wearing braces.
  • Comfortable – because aligners have no metal or sharp edges but instead are smooth, they will not cause any mouth abrasions or discomfort. Also the aligners move the teeth gently so that you don’t suffer from pain or headaches.
  • Healthy – As aligners are removable, brushing and flossing can be carried out as normal, this is essential in maintaining healthy gums. Therefore, Invisalign is a much healthier orthodontic treatment.
  • Removable – Aligners are easily removed so you can eat whatever you want throughout your treatment. You can leave them in for drinking even for drinking coffee or red wine.
  • Low maintenance – With no metal wires or brackets it means you spend less time at the dentist as fewer adjustments are needed, you will only need to visit Dr. Tinkler approximately every eight weeks. Aligners are very easy to clean and do not stain. Invisalign is an easy, hassle-free treatment, which will fit naturally into any lifestyle.

For best results you are advised to wear your aligners all the time, only removing them to eat, brush or floss or the occasional social event.

No metal wires or brackets means fewer visits to the dentist, as less adjustments are needed. Throughout your treatment you will be monitored remotely, attending only when requested.

Aligners are changed every week (unless otherwise stated by Dr. Tinkler).

Yes, you can smoke while wearing aligners, however smoking stains your teeth, increases the risk of gum disease and causes bad breath. We do advocate a healthy smoke free lifestyle.

For Teen patients, we will provide you with up to six individual replacement aligners free of charge.

For adult patients, we recommend using the next aligner in the series and wearing it for longer.

Yes, as aligners have no metal or sharp edges but instead have a smooth surface, this reduces the risk of mouth ulcers, abrasions and sports injuries. The aligners are custom made for you, so they fit perfectly around each of your teeth. Therefore, playing sports or a musical instrument is not a challenge. Aligners can be worn under sports mouth guards, but are not a substitute for mouth guards.

Invisalign aligners are made from a thermoplastic resin, which pass all regulatory requirements for human wear in the mouth.

They look similar to tooth whitening trays but are only 0.3mm thick and very rigid, so they never fall out of the mouth.

Invisalign aligners are safe to wear during pregnancy, however it is important to discuss this with Dr Tinkler and your GP.

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