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Invisalign Moderate in London

FROM £3,500
Invisalign Moderate Moderate Invisalign Moderate

(15-20 aligners)

Or £72.89 per month with finance

Delivers clear aligner treatment to correct mild to moderate malocclusion without compromising on the superior features and functionality of Invisalign clear aligner therapy.

The Invisalign Moderate package includes the three key elements that power the Invisalign system:

Smartstage technology to program each tooth movement in a certain sequence at the right time to achieve greater outcomes and treatment predictability Smarttrack material, Align's own patented aligner material that provides gentle, more constant forces to improve control of tooth movements Smartforce features, attachments and features designed into the aligners deliver the precise forces when needed to achieve more predictable tooth movements.

The Invisalign Moderate package also includes customisable options such as compliance indicators, precision cuts, bite ramps, and interproximal reduction (IPR) such as the Invisalign Comprehensive package, only with fewer stages, as the treatment can be completed in five to 12 months on average.

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