What is Invisalign and why may I choose to undergo Invisalign iTero in London?

Invisalign is essentially the largest provider of Clear Aligners within the United Kingdom. Many people believe that Invisalign is the name of clear aligners, however this is not the case, they are simply just one provider of orthodontic treatment, and there are a multitude of others globally. Clear aligners aim to alter the alignment of the teeth, reducing the imperfections within the shape, and direction in which the teeth are moving. The common users of this form of orthodontic treatment are patients who are older, and may wish to increase their self-confidence. Patients who opt for clear aligners, or other forms of orthodontic treatment may have had previous orthodontic work. Clear aligners may be used by patients who have previously undergone braces, simply to refresh their smile.

Invisalign Itero in London

What is Invisalign iTero in London?

The Invisalign iTero in London is essentially a high spec scanner which takes advantage of the recent advancements within dental machinery. This scanner allows for patients (especially for those who experience anxiety surrounding dental practices) to feel at ease. This form of modern advancement within dentistry allows patients to prepare for their orthodontic treatment within their initial consultation. Before any orthodontic treatment, patients are given an x-ray and moulds to decipher whether a certain treatment is best for them. Moulds allow your dental professional to create an initial impression of your mouth for braces, clear aligners, or retainers ( a form of orthodontic after care).

What are the benefits of iTero?

This scanner removes the need for initial putty moulds of the mouth. Moulds are usually taken before any form of orthodontic work and create an impression of your tooth alignment, shape, and positioning within the mouth. Initial moulds can feel unpleasant and may put some patients off orthodontic treatments or check ups. This form of machinery works by taking the mould of the mouth electronically, without the need for any messy putty. This form of machinery takes 3D moulds of the teeth, as well as the gums within the mouth. This process is superior to the traditional putty method, as it reaches a clinically superior end point. This method is faster, and more comfortable for the patients. Patients who experience anxiety surrounding dental practices and surgeries may feel comforted if they do not have to have an invasive putty mould as a part of their orthodontic treatment.

What are the benefits of iTero in comparison to traditional putty moulds?

Having iTero removes the messy aspect of orthodontic moulds, which can be uncomfortable and unpleasant for many patients, both young and older age. Teens and adolescents may feel nervous whilst having their first orthodontic treatment , therefore eliminating the initial moulds can make the process more comfortable.

This method makes a fast and simple impression, and it can also work for clear aligners, such as Invisalign. Using this iTero treatment can allow patients to see how their smile will appear after their orthodontic treatment, which can be a huge advantage to patients who have a long expected treatment period time.  The final advantage of this treatment option is that you are able to take breaks in between the process, if you wish to ask a question or itch your face (for example).