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Impressions can be deceiving! The Invisalign iTero as an alternative to dental casting kits

In the world of modern dental technology, it seems that the impossible is becoming possible.


Gaps in teeth can be replaced with a permanent prosthesis, gum disease can be treated with lasers and now, impressions of the shape of the mouth and the alignment of teeth can be taken without using any gooey or sticky impression materials.

Luckily, it is not only functional dental treatments that have benefited from technological updates. Many cosmetic procedures are now simplified with the use of advanced technologies, making the entire process of improving your smile a painless and enjoyable one.

At Graham Tinkler, we are able to offer all of our patients the most up-to-date technologies to help enhance their cosmetic procedures, such as the Invisalign iTero in London, which helps our team take an accurate impression of your teeth in a fast and non-invasive fashion.

But how does Invisalign iTero in London achieve this? How does it improve upon once used cosmetic dental techniques? Read on to find out!

Fast and accurate

While dental moulds and impressions were once the gold standard for taking impressions of the teeth for dentures, bridges, and braces, today scanners are the future.

The Invisalign iTero in London allows our dentists to create an accurate image of your teeth, gums and inner mouth shape, to allow them to make a perfectly matched aligner.

This Invisalign scanner completes this task in less than 60 seconds and does not require you to put anything uncomfortable in your mouth. You can even pause the scan if you need to sneeze or go to the toilet – brilliant!

No impression cast

If you have ever had an impression of your teeth taken before, it is likely that you have had to wear a bulky dental cast.

This experience is usually an awkward one, as these casts are usually very large and require you to hold your mouth open for an extended period of time. Then, there is the aftertaste of the material used in the mould, which may be sticky and can set off sensitive gag reflexes; far from fun! The Invisalign scanner simply requires you to open your mouth for 60 seconds and does not involve any unpleasant tasting clays or bulky moulds being put into your mouth, allowing for a non-invasive and pleasant alternative.

Better predictions

As mentioned earlier, dental technology has moved on in leaps and bounds in recent years.

When you come to Graham Tinkler for treatment with Invisalign, through the use of the Invisalign scanner, we will be able to provide you with a 3-D computer model of your teeth and show you how your teeth will move throughout the course of your Invisalign treatment. This allows you to see how your teeth will move over the coming months and also allows you to mentally plan for each phase of treatment. It also enables our dentists to accurately assess the progress that you make during Invisalign treatment and helps us identify any problems that could arise, promptly.

What to expect from Invisalign iTero in London

Over the years, dental technology has improved and been refined to the point where we can use scanning devices to map out your teeth and create custom moulded braces. The iTero process may seem like it is pretty complicated, but it is actually relatively simple and straightforward.


So, with that in mind, here is a little bit more information about Invisalign iTero in London and what you can generally expect when you come to us.

What does iTero mean?

Although it is an odd sounding name, iTero is basically the name of the type of machine that is used in an appointment for Invisalign iTero in London. It is a scanner that creates a 3D image of your teeth on an attached screen and this picture is then manipulated with software by your dentist to show you how we will alter your smile and straighten out any troublesome teeth.

There are normally two types of machines used in this procedure and both perform relatively the same function, so the one that is used is down to your dentist’s preferred choice or experience. One of the main versions of these machines you will probably encounter is the laser based scanner that measures the minute details of your teeth and maps the distances between each section of your mouth. The other type uses LEDs and a reflective powder to create a photorealistic picture of your teeth on a screen.

Both of these machines are harmless and you shouldn’t feel any adverse effects after your scanning session.

Outline of the procedure

As we briefly explained above, the fitting process is relatively simple and shouldn’t take more than a few minutes of quick scanning. After scanning we will send off your digital data to a laboratory that will then produce a customised, see-through brace that you will need to wear for a minimum of 22 hours a day to ensure your realignment of any crooked teeth goes smoothly.

At London Clear Braces Dr Tinkler will strive to provide you with a professionally produced, comfortable, unique  Invisalign brace that will get you on the path to a straighter smile.

Are there benefits to iTero made braces?

There are a number of advantages in going through with this treatment. As an example, because the braces are see-through you won’t have to worry about wearing them outside as they are pretty difficult to spot since they are completely transparent. The braces are also removable so you can pop them out for a break, plus they are easy to clean. With the precision equipment used, your braces will be unique to you.

Advice for patients

After you leave the practice a general piece of advice we give is that you should clean your brace regularly. Give it a light scrubbing with a recommended cleaning solution every second day and this should be enough to reduce staining, remove tartar build-up and kill off any harmful bacteria that may be hiding away.

These are just a few interesting facts about the iTero process and what you can expect from it, if you have any further questions then feel free to contact the practice for a chat.

What exactly is Invisalign iTero?

Getting that A-List smile is easier than you could imagine with Invisalign and Graham Tinkler in London. Have you heard about Invisalign, the revolutionary new way to achieve the smile you have always dreamt of having?


Hollywood A-Listers, TV personalities and models have known about Invisalign for some time and they swear by it. It has become the go-to treatment for achieving a natural, healthy and fabulous smile discreetly. But what is the Invisalign system? Is it better than standard braces? How can it help me and what will it cost?

Braces have come a long way since the standard metal and wire braces we are all familiar with. They tend to be obtrusive, uncomfortable and not very aesthetically pleasing. With the need for constant visits to the dentist for adjustment, it is no wonder people were looking for something else. Using Invisalign iTero in London you will find that it represents the very latest in orthodontic treatment. It is a state-of-the-art teeth alignment system that gently encourages the repositioning of your teeth to become part of that killer smile. From the beginning you will discover that Invisalign really is a revolutionary technological advancement. We use Invisalign iTero in London to capture a 3D image of your teeth. This Invisalign iTero in London produces a virtual reality 3D image of your teeth allowing an expert dentist trained in the Invisalign system to design and craft a bespoke treatment plan to create your fabulous smile. From this, your first thermoplastic aligner will be made, which you will need to wear most of the day and overnight. You will be able to remove it for cleaning your teeth and eating, but it is important to allow it to do its job. A new and adjusted aligner will be made and sent to you every two weeks, removing the need for constant trips to the dentist for adjustments, as you would need to do with traditional braces. Each aligner will each in turn help you achieve that knock out smile effortlessly. Treatment is usually completed over a period of 9 to18 months, depending upon the amount of realignment required. It has so many benefits over standard braces, there are no wires and endless visits to the dentist for adjustment, they are removable and discreet and offer no sharp edges and so feel better in the mouth.

Where can I find out more?

Come and see Dr Graham Tinkle, as he is a renowned specialist in the provision of Invisalign. Dr Tinkler has overseen over 2,000 Invisalign treatments and is a recognised specialist in this area. We have three locations throughout central London offering Invisalign. Here he specialises and uses his in-depth knowledge and expertise to craft that beautiful smile for you gently and by degrees, always ensuring you of a natural and beautiful smile. He utilises the very latest in dental technology along with his vast experience to ensure outstanding patient outcomes time after time. When considering the Invisalign cost it is important to remember that compared to veneers this system represents good value for money. Invisalign costs far less than you would imagine when compared to veneers and implant crowns. Dr Tinkler feels that Invisalign is able to produce a far more natural and healthy smile.

How Invisalign Itero in London is leading the way in digital oral healthcare

Gone are the days of uncomfortable, awkward, gag-inducing moulds, used to create impressions of your teeth, that were needed to produce effective alignment trays, in order to straighten your teeth. Invisalign Itero in London is the innovative and progressive way in which we are providing you with a more comfortable and efficient teeth straightening journey.

Invisalign Itero in London

Invisalign Itero in London allows us to digitally capture a 3D impression of your teeth that we can use to build a series of alignment trays that are perfectly suited to your personal situation. The precise, digital analysis makes for a more comfortable, superior and streamlined procedure, that brings you faster and better results.

This digital technology has been purposefully built to work alongside all of the clear alignment trays that we offer here in our practice. It can be used to create both the aligners needed to straighten your teeth, and the retainers that are used during aftercare to retain your smile and investment.

We are also excited to be able to offer you a chance at seeing for yourself the changes that you will expect to see during the consultation process. Our scanner lets us provide you with a visual representation of the final result, enabling you to become excited about what your future smile is bound to look like. We are able to drastically alter your smile in as little as a few months with this treatment process.

First impressions are important

Whenever anyone undergoes some kind of treatment process, we have learned from experience, that it is the first and the last memories that have the lasting effect on an individual. With this digital scanner, we know that our first impression is a lasting positive one.

Our great bespoke service, including attentive aftercare and honest all inclusive quotes, ensure that your final thoughts and feelings of us throughout your treatment, are positive and enjoyable. We want to ensure that your entire journey, towards having straighter teeth and a healthier mouth, is an enjoyable and exciting one.

The fact that this treatment process takes your needs and desires into account, means that the trays that we provide you with are discrete, clear and removable. Nobody needs to know that you are straightening your teeth unless you want them to.

How do they work?

The 3D digital scan is used to digitally create a series of movements that are necessary to move teeth into their correct alignment. These movements are defined into 2 week blocks which are physically defined with alignment trays. These clear, plastic trays are fitted onto your teeth, and are worn for a minimum of 20 hours each day, in order to achieve the expected results.

The freedom and flexibility of this treatment program appeals to both teenagers and adults alike,  who are looking for a means to straighten their teeth but that does not interrupt their lifestyle excessively.

If you are interested in hearing more about what we can offer you regarding having your teeth straightened with this procedure, we welcome you to speak with us during an initial consultation to see if this treatment program is suitable for you.

What is Invisalign and why may I choose to undergo Invisalign iTero in London?

Invisalign is essentially the largest provider of Clear Aligners within the United Kingdom. Many people believe that Invisalign is the name of clear aligners, however this is not the case, they are simply just one provider of orthodontic treatment, and there are a multitude of others globally. Clear aligners aim to alter the alignment of the teeth, reducing the imperfections within the shape, and direction in which the teeth are moving. The common users of this form of orthodontic treatment are patients who are older, and may wish to increase their self-confidence. Patients who opt for clear aligners, or other forms of orthodontic treatment may have had previous orthodontic work. Clear aligners may be used by patients who have previously undergone braces, simply to refresh their smile.

Invisalign Itero in London

What is Invisalign iTero in London?

The Invisalign iTero in London is essentially a high spec scanner which takes advantage of the recent advancements within dental machinery. This scanner allows for patients (especially for those who experience anxiety surrounding dental practices) to feel at ease. This form of modern advancement within dentistry allows patients to prepare for their orthodontic treatment within their initial consultation. Before any orthodontic treatment, patients are given an x-ray and moulds to decipher whether a certain treatment is best for them. Moulds allow your dental professional to create an initial impression of your mouth for braces, clear aligners, or retainers ( a form of orthodontic after care).

What are the benefits of iTero?

This scanner removes the need for initial putty moulds of the mouth. Moulds are usually taken before any form of orthodontic work and create an impression of your tooth alignment, shape, and positioning within the mouth. Initial moulds can feel unpleasant and may put some patients off orthodontic treatments or check ups. This form of machinery works by taking the mould of the mouth electronically, without the need for any messy putty. This form of machinery takes 3D moulds of the teeth, as well as the gums within the mouth. This process is superior to the traditional putty method, as it reaches a clinically superior end point. This method is faster, and more comfortable for the patients. Patients who experience anxiety surrounding dental practices and surgeries may feel comforted if they do not have to have an invasive putty mould as a part of their orthodontic treatment.

What are the benefits of iTero in comparison to traditional putty moulds?

Having iTero removes the messy aspect of orthodontic moulds, which can be uncomfortable and unpleasant for many patients, both young and older age. Teens and adolescents may feel nervous whilst having their first orthodontic treatment , therefore eliminating the initial moulds can make the process more comfortable.

This method makes a fast and simple impression, and it can also work for clear aligners, such as Invisalign. Using this iTero treatment can allow patients to see how their smile will appear after their orthodontic treatment, which can be a huge advantage to patients who have a long expected treatment period time.  The final advantage of this treatment option is that you are able to take breaks in between the process, if you wish to ask a question or itch your face (for example).

How the Invisalign Itero Process Works in London

Over time the methods used to give you perfect pearly whites has improved thanks to modern dental technology. One prime example of this are the use of clear braces or as it’s more commonly known, Invisalign.

Invisalign Itero in London

These see through dental braces are created using the sophisticated process of Itero that uses 3D imaging technology to create a custom fitted aligner for you to wear. Here are a few pieces of basic information for those that are curious about booking an appointment for Invisalign Itero in London.

what is Itero?

Even though the name may sound a little strange, the Itero is essentially a type of machine that’s used to scan your teeth to create a 3D image on a screen on the machine. This image is then manipulated to show you how your teeth will be changed and how your smile is going to look at the end.

There are generally two types of machine used for this type of treatment. There’s the LED versions that use a blue light emitting diode combined with a reflective powder to create a photo-realistic image of your crooked teeth. The other type you may encounter uses a harmless laser to map out distances and minute details of your mouth.

how does the process work?

Using 3D imaging gadgets to map out your teeth may seem like a complicated process, it’s actually relatively simple. Once you visit our London Clear Braces practice your dentist may have an initial discussion about the procedure before it’s performed. Once that’s out of the way they will then perform a series of scans with the machine to create a 3D image of your teeth to show you.

From there a series of custom fitted braces will be created that will be used to apply a gentle amount of pressure to any misaligned teeth to slowly correct them. The entire treatment time can take up to 12 or 13 months depending on the patient, so it’s fairly lengthy. But it’s worth it as the results often speak for themselves.

what are the benefits?

There are a lot of great benefits to take advantage of with this procedure of Invisalign Itero in London. The biggest of which is how fast it is to get fitted for a brace and how it’s not very invasive. So you can enjoy a speedy afternoon appointment that doesn’t involve any leftover dental goop from dental plaster stuck to your teeth.

Another unique perk is that it lets you see how your smile will look when everything’s finished. Not many dental treatments let you do this.

further information

Before signing yourself up for a treatment of Invisalign Itero in London, there is one thing you need to know. Because it can take up to 12 months for your teeth to realign, you need to keep your brace in for at least 22 hours per day as regular removal could negatively impact your treatment.

Hopefully this has answered a few questions you may have had about Itero and Invisalign.

Say goodbye to that messy putty with Invisalign iTero

Until you have had teeth straightening treatment, you do not exactly know what to expect. So it is only until after the treatment has transpired that people are able to pass comment on what they would like to have improved so that people who have the treatment to come can have a better experience than before.

Invisalign Itero in London

We dentists can tell, as we are going over the same treatment plan time and time again with different patients, that there are just some parts of the treatment process that if we could, we would improve.

This is why we are so excited to share with you the innovative Invisalign iTero in London. So like we said, we understand that new patients won’t really get 100% of what we are talking about, but take it from past patients, as well as us old hands at the treatment process, this revolution makes a world of difference to the entire treatment experience.

Invisalign iTero in London is a way for us to be able to not only digitally perfect the moulds of your teeth creating a better than ever fit that feels more comfortable and improves effectiveness, but we are able to eliminate the need for that messy putty. That feeling of having to bite down on it can cause you to gag, as we are shoving it into uninvited areas of your mouth in a desperate attempt to create a complete and precise mould manually.

The company has certainly listened to the feedback of all of their patients worldwide as well as from caring dentists like us who have searched for more productive and comfortable ways in order to make the entire procedure more pleasurable for our patients with Invisalign iTero in London.

It is yet another positive that Invisalign have developed, where they have used the millions of people’s data that they have gathered to create meaningful adaptations to their brand.  This is why it continues to lead the pack when it comes to teeth straightening devices for teenagers and adults alike.

What exactly is this innovation?

This digital impression system simply put, eliminates the need to put that uncomfortable putty in your mouth. We are now able to capture a very detailed 3D model of your teeth and gums which we use to create the aligner trays for you to wear. This process is faster than the traditional method and it works better.

During the impression making process, you can breathe and swallow normally. You are even welcome to pause the process for you to ask a question, sneeze or take a bathroom break, although it doesn’t take very long.

The scanner takes a complex 3D scan of your teeth and gums and we can use this for many things such as showing you what your new smile might look like with the outcome simulator. This simulator is a great way to get you excited about what your future smile might look like, we love being able to describe the changes that you will experience in a visual way so that you can comprehend it more accurately.

Invisalign Itero in London facilitates a highly effective teeth-straightening treatment

Digital scans perform an indispensable function in helping dentists detect dental issues that the naked human eye simply cannot see. Digital scans can: identify areas of decay between teeth or inside a filling, bone loss due to gum disease, abscesses, and tumours. In addition to identifying problem areas, scans can better prepare teeth for a number of dental procedures including cosmetic and orthodontic treatments.

Invisalign Itero in London

The development of iTero Intraoral digital scanning technology has been revolutionary in helping dental practitioners offer patients more effective and efficient Invisalign treatment solutions for best results when aiming to restore patients’ smiles.

This enhanced digital scanning device is designed to diagnose misalignment issues better and to develop appropriate treatment options. With advanced digital scanning technology, dental professionals can:

·         Create dental images in 3-D within minutes.

·         Make use of more detailed images.

·         Create more accurate physical dental models.

Looking for a dental clinic using Invisalign Itero in London? Graham Tinkler is a dental clinic dedicated to integrating available dental technology to offer the best restorative dental care.

How do iTero Intraoral Scanners work?

Before an Invisalign treatment can be recommended, dental practitioners need accurate and detailed impressions of the current condition of a patient’s mouth in order to assess the simplicity or complexity of the condition that needs to be addressed. In order to do this successfully, an iTero Intraoral scanner, featuring a wand-like device, is used to move around the mouth, capturing images from different angles and views. The wand-like devices have become smaller in size to scan the back of the mouth easily, without causing any discomfort to patients.

Benefits of using Itero scans for Invisalign treatments

Itero scanning technology makes Invisalign treatments easier for both dental practitioners and patients. At Graham Tinkler we find the benefits of this technology help us to help our patients better.

·         Improved patient experience

Digitally-enhanced scans enable us to give our patients a better dental experience. Patients will receive a better idea of what their Invisalign treatment will look like and what to expect. Having to refer to digital scans, patients are more confident in the diagnosis of their dental condition and in the treatment plan offered to them.

·         Faster treatment process times

The setup times and capture speed of Itero scanning technology is relatively faster, allowing Invisalign aligners to be custom made in the laboratory and received by patients quicker so that treatment can begin without losing much processing time.

·         Improved accuracy

At our dental clinic, we place an extraordinarily high value on accuracy. Itero scans help in this regard by providing us with images that facilitate creating aligners with fewer rejection and other fit-related issues. With regular scans we are also better able to track patients’ progress and to determine if desired goals are being met. For more information on Invisalign Itero in London book a consultation at our dental clinic today. Our dental practitioner will explain the treatment and process involved. For a personalised consultation, recommendations, and advice on finance options, give us a call today.

Benefits of Invisalign iTero in London

For many patients, the preparation required for straightening their teeth is often the worst part of the treatment. This is because multiple impressions are required for the dentist to create the braces or aligners needed for the treatment.

Invisalign Itero in London

Dr Graham Tinkler, a leading Invisalign dentist in London, always looks for ways to make this process as easy as possible for the patients and for this reason he is proud to offer Invisalign iTero in London to further enhance the Invisalign experience.

What is Invisalign iTero and how does it work?

Invisalign iTero in London is our investment in latest technology. This innovative, portable scanner eliminates the need for regular impressions alongside the mess and discomfort associated with them. Instead of chewing on a hard and cold gooey substance, you will instead open your mouth and allow Dr Tinker to navigate the lightweight scanner inside for a few minutes. That’s all it takes for capturing hundreds of high-quality, accurate pictures that will help create your individualised aligners and will also serve as the foundation for the development of your treatment. Invisalign iTero scans are not as easily rejected as traditional impressions and your dentist can make adjustments to the results in real time for maximum accuracy and functionality.

Less mess and less stress

Rather than using goop to create impressions, Invisalign iTero is a small, handheld wand that fits into your mouth without causing discomfort. Invisalign iTero does not cause gag reflexes and does not create a mess.

At the same time, Invisalign iTero can cover and measure large areas of your mouth in a short time period. The wand takes accurate pictures and measurements of your teeth and gums which are then communicated directly to a 3D software that is also used for the creation of your customised aligners. The ease of this process makes Invisalign iTero an important and stress-free addition to the Invisalign process.

Last but not least, Invisalign iTero in London is much more precise than conventional impressions. Once your impressions are ready, you and Dr Tinkler can discuss the specifics of your treatment and have a better idea of how your teeth will move into their correct positions over a specific period of time.

Invisalign iTero in London changes the process for Invisalign for good

Invisalign has gained popularity in recent decades for a list of reasons and discretion is one of them. Unlike regular metal braces that show when you smile, Invisalign aligners are made of transparent plastic which is very hard to discern against your smile.

Invisalign iTero in London

And now, thanks to Invisalign iTero in London provided by Dr Graham Tinkler, your trusted Invisalign dentist, getting your treatment sorted is easier than ever. Invisalign iTero makes the process of getting impressions for your aligners an easy and comfortable experience. Keep reading to find out more about this exciting and innovative technology.

What is Invisalign iTero?

Invisalign iTero is a portable scanner that provides Dr Graham Tinkler with a fast and easy way to capture detailed, high-quality, 3-dimensional images of your mouth. Dr Tinkler will simply move the small, portable wand around your mouth and after a few seconds your images will be ready. Then, the iTero software will bring together those images into a 3D representation of your oral cavity. In simple words, Invisalign iTero in London will take a digital impression of your teeth in seconds and this impression will serve as the basis of your treatment, since it will be used for the creation of your aligners. Invisalign iTero functions on an open software, allowing your dentist to share your impressions easily. Moreover, this innovative technique will help Dr Tinkler predict your treatment with Invisalign aligners from the beginning to the end with detail and precision.

Improving the Invisalign process with an iTero scanner

More and more dentists are switching from traditional putty impressions to Invisalign iTero in recent years. Invisalign iTero in London is more practical for many reasons. Firstly, you don’t have to be subjected to a putty impression that will cause mess and discomfort. iTero scans are more accurate and are quicker to capture compared to traditional impressions. Moreover, Dr Tinkler will evaluate the results of the scan right away. Unlike traditional impressions that can be less accurate because of the nature of the material used, iTero scans are very precise and reliable, leading to fewer rejections from Invisalign and fewer issues with aligners overall.