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Explanation of Invisalign cost in London

If you’re looking into teeth straightening options you may already be aware of Invisalign. Invisalign offers many benefits over traditional, fixed, train track braces at comparable prices.

Invisalign Cost in London

Assessment with Dr Graham Tinkler

Invisalign are made from clear plastic, 3D printed from detailed scans and images of your mouth, creating a series of bespoke aligners. Each aligner represents a small incremental step in the straightening process. They are worn over a 12 to 18 month period until the desired result is achieved.

Dr Graham Tinkler, during your initial appointment, will make a thorough assessment of your mouth. You will then discuss the end result you are wanting to achieve through straightening. Dr Tinkler will then advise you on the process length, if Invisalign is the correct treatment for you, and Invisalign cost. In London, teeth straightening could be an easeful process that won’t compromise your looks.

Benefits of Invisalign

Since the clear plastic aligners are 3D printed, they fit your teeth very snugly. This means there is no need for any form of apparatus to hold them in place, making the aligner fully removable and almost invisible. During eating and cleaning they can be removed, so there is no change to your routines or choices. In addition, should you need to attend a special event or have an important meeting in London, invisalign cost you no disadvantage.

Dr Graham Tinkler has successfully treated over 2000 patients with Invisalign. He has a special interest in this area and can provide you with a quality, professional service so your desired results are achieved. The average cost differs for each person, depending on your straightening journey needs. However, you will receive a full breakdown of charges before commencing. Included in the treatment plan are teeth whitening and teeth contouring, so once your teeth are straight they will be dressed to their best appearance, providing you with a brilliant, white, elegant smile.

We also offer you a free consultation so you can further understand your treatment journey and get a clearer idea of how much Invisalign will cost you without any commitment. We also provide 0% interest finance packages, so you can start your treatment as soon as you’re ready.

How much does Invisalign cost in London?

We all like to get the best deal when we investing a lot of money into something. Getting your teeth straightened is a big investment for many people, so you want to make sure you are getting value for money with your treatment.

Invisalign Cost in London

Invisalign is an increasingly popular way to get teeth straightened if you have mild to moderate alignment issues. The reason it’s so popular is that instead of brackets and wires obscuring your smile, the straightening is done with a series of clear aligners that are almost invisible once they are on your teeth. They are also removable, so eating and brushing your teeth is still easy.

If you have decided on Invisalign as the way to go, you have probably started doing some research on the internet and have noticed that Invisalign cost in London is variable. One dentist’s charges can be way cheaper than another’s. So, what is causing this variation? Well, there are a number of factors at play.


Although Invisalign has been around since the late 1990s, not every dentist offering this treatment has been doing so since then. This is reflected in what level of provider they are. With Graham Tinkler, you are being treated by one of the foremost Invisalign providers in the UK. Graham received his unique Platinum Elite status in 2006 and has treated many cases that other Invisalign providers have refused.

Kind of treatment

There are various Invisalign packages available and they vary in price.

The full treatment is the most expensive and provides as many aligners as necessary for more complicated or severe alignment issues. Invisalign Lite is for simpler cases, providing a maximum of 10 aligners. Invisalign i7 is for very mild alignment issues and provides only 7 aligners. Obviously, the fewer aligners, the less expensive the treatment.

Ways dentists make Invisalign cost in London appear cheaper

It’s always important to check what is included in the Invisalign package on offer. Some dentists make their packages appear cheaper by not including things like a retainer, which is a vital part of the treatment. Graham Tinkler’s prices are always all-inclusive, with whitening gel, recontouring the teeth and Vivera retainers.

The cost of Invisalign in London is not as high as you may think

Invisalign was first invented in the 1990s and it has been used in cosmetic dentistry since 1999. This innovative, comfortable, clear and removable teeth-straightening technique has gained a cult status and many followers over the years. Patients wishing to straighten their teeth can use Invisalign instead of metal braces. However, some people are still reluctant to have Invisalign due to the perceived prohibitory cost.

Cost of Invisalign in London

Invisalign is a completely different treatment than braces, since it employs aligners to create pressure points in the mouth and straighten the teeth, instead of metal brackets and wires. Overall, the cost of Invisalign in London is very similar to that of conventional braces. Each case is different, but a chat with Dr Graham Tinkler, a leading Invisalign provider, can help you dispel many myths surrounding Invisalign.


The cost of Invisalign in London is affected by the dentist providing it. More specifically, you should expect a different cost from a dentist who has just started providing this treatment, compared to a dentist who has been providing Invisalign for many years with great success. However, this doesn’t mean that the more experienced the dentist, the more unaffordable the treatment is. Dr Tinkler, who has been treating patients with Invisalign for many years and is considered one of the most successful Invisalign dentists around the world, offers clear aligners for as little as £1,995.


The complexity of your dental problem is another factor to take into consideration while thinking about having your teeth straightened with Invisalign.

In some cases, it might be cheaper to choose a different teeth-straightening method instead of Invisalign, especially if you need to fix more than one problem.

Unlike metal braces, Invisalign has a limited capacity of treatment and can only fix lightly to moderately crooked, gapped and crowded teeth.

The Invisalign packages that Dr Tinkler offers have a fixed cost that will reflect your unique problem, including follow-up and adjustment appointments.

Is it worth it?

When deciding on Invisalign, you should always keep in mind that there is no substitute for experience and quality. Dr Graham Tinkler has been offering consistent results over the years.

The true cost of Invisalign in London

Invisalign is an innovative teeth-straightening system that evolves every year. Instead of using brackets and wires, Invisalign employs clear aligners which are made of a special plastic material.

Cost of Invisalign in London

Dr Graham Tinkler offers a wide range of Invisalign treatments to cover every need – from regular Invisalign to Invisalign i7 and Invisalign Teen. If you are interested in the cost of Invisalign in London, you can arrange a complimentary consultation appointment with Dr Tinkler.

Treatment with Invisalign by Dr Graham Tinkler starts at £1995. Our prices are all-inclusive and they are communicated to our patients from the beginning of the treatment. Moreover, we offer 0% interest payment options and a complimentary tooth-whitening session.

Invisalign Full

Invisalign Full starts at £3500 and includes all the preparation required for your treatment (scans, impressions, 3D photographs), the aligners, the 3D virtual treatment plan as well as retainers for keeping your teeth straight after the treatment. This price package also includes refinement and re-contouring and a complimentary teeth-whitening treatment.

Invisalign i7

Invisalign i7 is a lighter treatment that doesn’t require as much time as Invisalign Full. For this reason, its cost starts at £1195. Again, this price includes everything included in Invisalign Full. However, Invisalign i7 can include up to 14 weeks’ worth of aligners and fewer refinements.

Invisalign Teen

Invisalign Teen is designed for teenagers or young adults. Starting at £3500, this price package includes an unlimited number of aligners (just like Invisalign Full) as well as everything else included in our Invisalign packages. Invisalign Teen aligners are specially designed for teenagers and refinements are necessary to compensate for natural growth.

Why the cost of Invisalign in London is worth it

Some people think that the cost of Invisalign in London is not viable. However, we think that it is a pretty good deal given everything included. At the end of the day, Invisalign isn’t more expensive than regular braces and knowing what you will pay from the beginning without any additions or unpleasant surprises is always is always best.

To learn more about the cost of Invisalign in London and find out more about our Invisalign treatments, call us today.

Fitting the cost of Invisalign in London into your budget

Having a smile you are not happy with can make you feel less confident about yourself. Many adults avoid smiling simply because they are ashamed of the condition of their teeth and this can lead to many problems – from being unable to smile in public to being less prepared for a job interview.

Cost of Invisalign in London

Luckily, all these problems can go away with the help of Invisalign. Dr Graham Tinkler is an experienced and capable Invisalign provider in London with many success stories. However, the cost of Invisalign in London may seem prohibitive to some patients.

Dispelling myths about the cost of Invisalign in London

Contrary to popular belief, Invisalign is not more expensive than conventional braces. However, each patient has different dental needs and cost can fluctuate depending on the overall duration of your treatment.

There are several factors that contribute to the overall cost of your treatment with Invisalign. These include:

  • the complexity of your problem
  • the duration of your treatment
  • the experience of your dentist.

If your teeth are mildly to moderately misaligned, then you will likely pay less than someone who experiences bite problems as well. Likewise, if you only have to treat your front teeth, you will pay less compared to someone who has to wear a full set of aligners all over their teeth. If you have additional oral health issues such as gum disease or you grind your teeth, they could increase the overall cost of Invisalign in London.

Duration of the treatment depends on the complexity of your problem. In short, the number of aligners you will have used by the end of your treatment will affect the cost of your treatment.

Last but not least, the cost of Invisalign in London also includes the experience of the dentist providing the service. However, Dr Graham Tinkler will not charge you Invisalign for this. If anything, we offer flexible payment plans with 0% interest and you shouldn’t be afraid of hidden costs, since we will give you a total, all-inclusive sum after your complimentary consultation appointment.

To learn more about the real cost of Invisalign in London, call us today.

The cost of Invisalign in London and expectations

Invisalign has been around for quite a few years now and is more popular than ever. This innovative treatment, which does not employ metal brackets and wires, has won the hearts of many patients around the world because it’s so discreet and convenient.

Invisalign Cost in London

However, the cost of Invisalign in London can be a dissuasive factor for many people. According to Dr Graham Tinkler, a major provider of Invisalign, the cost of Invisalign in London is not much different to that of braces and at the end of the day, price should not be the only factor when choosing a tooth straightening treatment.

What is the cost of Invisalign in London?

In general, Invisalign packages offered by Dr Graham Tinkler range from £1,995-£3,500, depending on the type of Invisalign used and the severity of the alignment problems of each individual. For simple cases that require minimal movement of the front teeth, Invisalign i7 is a good option and it is the cheapest of the lot. However, if you experience more complicated alignment problems, the price can begin from £3,500 for regular Invisalign and Invisalign Teen for a treatment lasting an average length of 12-18 months.

What are the factors affecting the cost of Invisalign in London?

If you want to plan your treatment in advance, it is always best to contact Dr Graham Tinkler for a complimentary consultation. Alternatively, you can get an estimate of the overall cost by using the cost calculator on the official Invisalign site (however be aware that prices differ from country to country and provider to provider). As with any dental treatment, factors that will affect the cost of Invisalign in London include:

  • your provider
  • the complexity of your case
  • and your dental insurance.

Nowadays, most dental insurance plans cover Invisalign but the turnout can differ. Once you choose Dr Graham Tinkler for your Invisalign treatment you will receive a detailed quote with no hidden costs. This price will include any x-rays, photos and head scans, the Invisalign aligners and your visits to the dentist. Moreover, all our patients will receive a free package of whitening gel.

Invisalign cost in London is not the only thing to consider

Invisalign aligners are fast replacing metal brackets and wires in the teeth straightening industry and for good reason – who enjoys the idea of a metal mouth after all?Instead of metal, these aligners are made of transparent plastic and they are also removable. Can you think of anything better?

Invisalign Cost in London

Invisalign aligners work differently from traditional braces and address different dental issues.  While they are not expected to completely replace metal braces, they are ideal for minor to moderate alignment issues – including jaw alignment problems such as overbites, underbites and crossbites.

Our offers

Invisalign aligners can cost from £1,995 when offered by Dr Graham Tinkler. The final cost of the treatment depends on various parameters, the most important of which include:

  • the type of misalignment
  • the overall number of procedures performed
  • the duration of the treatment.

Dr Graham Tinkler BDS and The Invisalign Group offer Invisalign Full from £3,500, Invisalign Lite from £3,000, Invisalign Teen from £3,500 and Invisalign i7 from £1,995.

Once your consultation finishes, Dr Tinkler will advise on the best type of treatment for your individual needs and will give you a fixed all-inclusive Invisalign cost in London,so that you can decide whether you wish to proceed with the treatment or not.

Quality of treatment is important to us

Some people think that the cost of Invisalign is very high – however, nowadays Invisalign aligners cost as much as metal braces. If you are concerned about the overall cost of the treatment, you should talk with Dr Tinkler since we offer 0% interest payment options at all of our dental clinics. Moreover, the treatment includes a complimentary teeth-whitening session and follow-up appointments for up to a year. Quality is really important to us and all of our patients are offered an individualised service.

Tired of your misaligned teeth?

If you think it’s time to straighten your teeth, don’t overthink. Call us today and book a complimentary appointment with Dr Tinkler and his helpful team to learn more about the specifics of the treatment and the true Invisalign cost in London. You are only one step away from a beautiful and healthy smile.

Straight talk on Invisalign cost in London

Have you ever tried booking a holiday online? You pick the cheapest flights and grab a great deal on accommodation, then just before you click pay the price has suddenly jumped up. Hidden extras come out of the woodwork, baggage fees, airport tax, service fees and even convenience fees for the privilege of paying with your credit card. It’s no wonder you’re somewhat skittish when it comes to investing in Invisalign to discreetly straighten out your teeth. Prices seem to vary from one dental practice to the next and you don’t want to end up footing a bill that is bigger than you expected. So, what does Invisalign cost in London?

Invisalign Cost in LondonIt all depends on the dentist you pick. When you come to see dentist Graham Tinkler, you can rest assured that you’ll know exactly what you’re paying upfront and precisely what you’ll be getting for that money.

Platinum elite

At his practice in London, Invisalign cost is about more than the clear aligners. You’ll be paying for Graham’s extensive experience treating patients with Invisalign. He was one of the very first dentists to receive Invisalign platinum elite status owing to the number of patients he successfully treated. How many? Well over 2500 now, with around 350 new patients each year.

Tried and tested

Invisalign has been around for over 20 years, making it a truly tried and tested method for straightening teeth. Graham was an Invisalign patient himself. He put his trust in this innovative treatment and reaped the benefits with a healthier smile. With first-hand experience of what treatment is like, he can give his patients tailored advice and guidance on how to get the best out of their treatment with Invisalign.

Invisalign cost in London

And now to the numbers. Graham offers a range of Invisalign treatments for the following prices:

  • Invisalign full from £3500
  • Invisalign lite from £3000
  • Invisalign teen from £3500
  • Invisalign i7 from £1995.

The exact cost will depend on how many aligners you need, which will depend on the severity of your misalignment. Graham provides an all-inclusive cost covering your initial consultation, impressions, x-rays, aligners and retainers.

Exploring Invisalign cost in London

It would be nice to think that we could all just go ahead with the dental treatment we want or need without having to consider other factors. However, at Graham Tinkler, we understand your treatment does not exist in a vacuum. We help you understand and incorporate the challenges of any treatment that we offer. For example, explore one of the main considerations that people must take into account when it comes to Invisalign – cost. In London, at our clinic, we walk you through all support we offer in this area.

Invisalign Cost in LondonAt Graham Tinkler, we start by offering you a free consultation appointment. This means that you can take the first step, ask any questions that are on your mind and get tailored advice without committing to anything. After that, we can give you a quote for the rest of the Invisalign cost in London.

Your final quote is all-inclusive. It covers the data gathering that is required to fit you for your equipment such as scans and x-rays as well as your aligners. Your adjustments and recontouring appointments are also included as well as the retainers that you will need to wear after your treatment is complete. With Graham Tinkler, you get the whole package without having to worry about hidden extras.

Why invest in Invisalign?

The cost of Invisalign is an investment in the future of your look and the health.

When you have completed your teeth straightening treatment, you will be able to look in the mirror without seeing any misalignment issues. With Invisalign, you won’t have any issues looking in the mirror while you are getting your treatment as well because they are so clear that they are hard to spot.

You will find your teeth easier to take care of and there will be fewer places for food to get awkwardly trapped. Tartar is also less likely to accumulate on a straight smile. All these factors contribute to your overall oral health and reduce the risk of further dental problems. In the long run, getting your teeth straightened can therefore end up saving you money.

You can relax and enjoy your smile after a treatment using Invisalign at Graham Tinkler.

How much does Invisalign cost for patients in London?

Invisalign aligners are replacing traditional metal brackets and wires as a more discreet way to straighten and improve the appearance of your teeth. But how much does Invisalign cost, how long does it take to work and how effective is it overall?

Dr Graham Tinkler, an experienced and award-winning Invisalign dentist, can answer all your questions on clear aligners and the cost of Invisalign in London. A number of factors will contribute to the overall cost of Invisalign, including your oral health needs and the average price. Dr Graham Tinkler offers competitive, all-inclusive prices with 0% interest payment options.

Invisalign Cost in LondonWhat is Invisalign and how does it work?

Invisalign uses a series of nearly invisible aligners to straighten your teeth. The aligners are made from durable, thermoplastic material uniquely created to fit the shape of your teeth. After an initial consultation and a thorough examination, Dr Graham Tinkler will provide a series of aligners that will move your teeth in the sequence prescribed from the outset. Invisalign aligners can make slight adjustments to the teeth and your bite, but cannot help improve the state of severely misaligned or heavily crooked teeth.

What is the cost of Invisalign in London?

Invisalign aligners in London start at £1995 for Invisalign i7 going up to £3500 for Invisalign Full. The final price largely depends on the duration of the treatment, the type of the misalignment, the dentist’s labour and the number of aligners a patient will use throughout the treatment. Every treatment is arbitrated on an individual basis and is based on your specific requirements.

The true value of Invisalign

While some people may be put off by the cost of Invisalign in London, truth is that there is more to consider than just the up-front cost. Invisalign has many benefits that can improve a patient’s comfort and confidence. Invisalign aligners are almost invisible and can be taken out for eating and brushing teeth. Moreover, Invisalign is very comfortable and since it is easy to wear, it does not require many dental visits for adjustments.

Book your appointment

If you want to learn more about the actual cost of Invisalign in London, contact us to make an appointment for a free consultation today.