Is the Invisalign cost in London worth it?

Dental work is never cheap and depending on the type of treatment you are going through the costs can add up quite a bit, but one procedure that is worth the price tag is Invisalign. Here are a few helpful bits of information about why the Invisalign cost in London is worth the asking price.


What is Invisalign?

First of all, for those that are not familiar with this type of treatment it essentially involves the creation of a transparent, plastic brace that places a small but gentle amount of pressure onto your teeth in key areas around your mouth. The idea is that over time this will cause any crooked teeth you have to slowly realign into a much straighter and neater position within your gum line.

Overall treatment time can take up to twelve months in some cases and you may also have to wear additional braces to make sure that your realignment goes smoothly.

How are they fitted?

The fitting process is another reason why the Invisalign cost in London is worth the price. In a process that once would have seemed like something from science fiction, your teeth are scanned with a series of lasers, or LEDs, depending on the type of machine.

This information is then used to create an accurate, digital representation of your teeth that we can then manipulate with software to show you how we will realign your teeth. This data is then sent off to a laboratory to produce a customised brace that you will need to wear until instructed not to. At London Clear Braces Dr Tinkler will take you through the process in a quick, safe and professional manner to give you that straightened smile you deserve.

How is it different from other braces?

What makes this different from normal braces is that it is completely removable, so you can pop it out for a break, to eat meals or clean your teeth before you head off to bed. It is also see-through so you won’t have to worry about how you will look whilst you wear it outside as it is pretty difficult to spot thanks to its transparency.

Another difference is that there is no discomfort involved getting impressions made, as all the information we need about your teeth is scanned in through a non-invasive and quick process.

How do you keep the brace clean?

Keeping the brace clean is another unique selling point as it is incredibly simple as we recommend you lightly scrub it with a cleaning solution at least once every other day. Doing this regularly will help to reduce staining of the brace, as well as clear out any harmful bacteria or plaque that might be lurking around between the appliance and your teeth.

Hopefully this has helped to encourage you to think about having an appointment for Invisalign. If you would like to learn more about this procedure or would like to discuss prices then get in touch with Dr Tinkler for a quick chat at our practice.