Get the picture?

If you have always wanted to get your teeth realigned but are not so keen on the process of having great wadges of putty put in your mouth to make impressions of your teeth, then you are in for a very happy surprise. Here at Graham Tinkler, we no longer rely on dental putty to…  Read More

Discover the benefits of the Invisalign Itero in London

A considerable improvement over putty impressions, Invisalign Itero provides increased accuracy for better-fitting Invisalign aligners and other restorations. Intraoral scans made by Invisalign Itero in London are less likely to be rejected since they are made of a combination of high-quality pictures, eliminating the need for messy powder or gag-inducing PVS impression material. Dr Graham…  Read More

Better-looking teeth

You might have heard about the benefits of clear braces but are now asking yourself, ‘how much will Invisalign cost in London?’ The answer is that the price can vary according to how much movement of the teeth you need to achieve in London. Invisalign cost at its lowest is usually around £1995. Before work…  Read More

What does the cost of Invisalign include?

Invisalign is a removable teeth straightening system that is offered as an alternative to metal braces. This innovative technique pushes rather than pulls the teeth into alignment with the use of customised, clear aligners that can be removed during the day. Before committing to Invisalign, patients who are after this treatment from dentist Graham Tinkler,…  Read More

Evolving dentistry with Invisalign Itero in London

Developments in dental technology have proven beyond a doubt that the future of dentistry is digital. For instance, instead of relying on messy putty impressions, you can now have a complete and detailed model of your teeth created with Invisalign Itero in London. This innovative technology allows Invisalign patients to have accurate teeth impressions made…  Read More